Service Guarantee - Flexibility - Low Rates - Peace of Mind

   Calibrations & Certifications are Fully Guaranteed

        Coordinate Measuring Machine Calibrations and Certifications are fully guaranteed
        to meet the OEM tolerance specifications, as long as the CMM and CMM laboratory
        environment meet the OEM published specifications on arrival of the service engineer.

        Your service is free, if our service engineer is unable to meet the OEM specified
         tolerance specifications of your companies CMM.

   Unique Service Flexibility, Dedicated Customer Service

        Our services are customized to your company's production needs and
        are available weekdays 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd shift - at no additional charge.
        Weekend services are also available.

        Example: Your operator utilizes the CMM during day shift, our service engineer
        calibrates and certifies your CMM in the late afternoon or even in the evening.
        This unmatched flexibility reduces any CMM downtime to an absolute minimum.

      Free technical support is provided to all our customer by e-mail or phone.

      All customer support inquiries are responded to within 2-8 business hours.

   Highly Competitive Rates - Nationwide

       When choosing Exact Calibration, your company will always get more
       service - at a lower rate. Please compare our rates to the rates of your
       current service provider.

      High Quality Calibration/Certification Equipment - NIST Traceable

       Our engineers only use top of the line calibration equipment to achieve the
       highest possible accuracy and the smallest uncertainty in measurements:
       HP/Agilent® Laser/Interferometer systems, Wyler® precision inclinometers
       and KOBA® Kolb & Baumann precision step gages.

   Peace of Mind - General Liability Insurance

       We carry a $2 Million Dollar General Liability Insurance Policy


OEM Leitz™ and
     trained service

Professional and
     reliable service at
     guaranteed lowest
     rates - nationwide

Only one visit is
     required to error
     map and certify
     an entire CMM




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