CMM Maintenance, Certification and Calibration Services

 In order to achieve the highest accuracy of your system and maximize its productivity, we
 highly recommend that your coordinate measuring machine should only be serviced by
 OEM trained specialists. Our service engineers are former Leitz and Brown & Sharpe®

 employees with an unmatched level of OEM training. All our calibration & certification
 services include a comprehensive maintenance. We also offer repair service, when
 needed, to meet the OEM specifications. Maintenance contracts are also available.



All CMM Calibrations/Certifications of your Company's CMM Include:

 Calibrations performed to OEM and ISO 10360 and VDI/VDE 2617 specifications.
 Report (15+ pages) on work performed, incl. before & after correction results
 Calibrations/Certifications performed in accordance with industry standards
 NIST traceable calibration/confirmation certificate

-  CMM lab and temperature sensor accuracy check
-  Probe System, reliability and repeatability test R3/P
-  Angular and straightness error corrections, if required
-  Linear accuracy checks and corrections in X, Y and Z axis
-  Squareness checks and corrections in XY, XZ and YZ
-  Volumetric (3 dimensional) measurements in 4 spatial positions

     ISO 17025 Accredited



All reference artifacts are traceable to the National or International Standards (NIST/ NPL).

CMM Calibration Examples - Before & After

Example - Before Correction: Measured on 1000mm KOBA step gage, steps measured at 40mm increments.
Range between upper and lower green Lines indicates maximum OEM allowed tolerance range (in microns),
center line indicates absolute 0 deviation. Maximum allowed tolerance range is 0.9+L/500 (+/- 2.9 microns at
distance of 1000mm). Red dots show the measured positions on the step gage, points lie within +1.5 microns
and -1.2 microns, some of the measured positions exceed the maximum allowed tolerance.

Example - After Correction: Verified on 1000mm step gage now at 20mm increments to include possible Probehead
offset error. All points lie within +0.30 microns and -0.15 microns. Our service engineer was able to adjust the CMM
geometry to utilize less than 25% of the maximum OEM allowed tolerance.

Example – Spatial Measurement: This is an example that shows the results of 1 of the 4 spatial measurements.
Volumetric measurements in the 4 spatial positions combine all 21 possible accuracy deviations your CMM, such
as linear, angularity, pitch, yaw, roll and straightness deviations. These last 4 spatial measurements will only
indicate the combined errors of all these deviations, they can not be adjusted by the service engineer anymore.
The allowed OEM tolerance in this example is 1.2+L/400(+/ - 3.7 microns at distance of 1000mm).
All measured positions lie within +0.55 microns and -0.80 microns.

Our service engineer adjusted the entire CMM geometry to be within less than 35% of the max. allowed tolerance.
Please feel free to compare our results to the latest calibration report of your current service provider.

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